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Historical Highlights


Acquire long-life expandable copper-gold Chapada Mine in Brazil

Mine first ore from Eagle East ahead of schedule and under budget

Candelaria mine fleet reinvestment complete and deliver first ore from South Sector underground mine




Commission Los Diques tailings storage facility at Candelaria ahead of schedule and under budget

Advance high-return investment projects at Candelaria, Neves-Corvo Zinc Expansion and Eagle East

Complete early retirement of US$1.0 billion of Candelaria acquisition debt 


Declare first ever dividend

Commence Neves-Corvo Zinc Expansion Project to double zinc plant capacity

Announce significantly improved life of mine plan for Candelaria Complex and investment initiatives 

Complete sale of interest in Tenke Fungurume Mine



Reach agreement for sale of indirect interest in Tenke Fungurume Mine for $1.136 billion

Commence development of Eagle East Project


Discover Eagle East deposit roughly two kilometers from the Eagle Mine

Deliver improved life of mine plan for Candelaria Complex including two new underground orebodies  



Acquire 80% interest and operatorship of Candelaria Copper Mining Complex in Chile

Eagle Mine commences production ahead of schedule and under budget


Acquire nickel-copper Eagle Project in Michigan, U.S.A.   

Acquire an effective 24% interest in the Kokkola Cobalt Refinery in Finland, providing direct end-market access for cobalt hydroxide production from the Tenke Fungurume Mine


Restart production at Aguablanca Mine



Approve second phase of expansion for the Tenke Fungurume Mine to increase copper production by 50%



Zinkgruvan Mine copper plant commissioned

Discover high-grade Semblana deposit at Neves-Corvo Mine


Tenke Fungurume Mine produces first copper cathode

Commence production from expanded copper plant at Neves-Corvo Mine


Discover new zinc-copper zone at Neves-Corvo Mine and announce expansion of copper plant



Acquire Tenke Mining Corporation – primary asset is the large copper and cobalt Tenke Fungurume Project in DRC

Announce expansion plans to quadruple zinc production at Neves-Corvo Mine and commence copper production at Zinkgruvan Mine

Acquire Rio Narcea Gold Mines, Ltd. – primary asset is the nickel-copper Aguablanca Mine in Spain


Merge with EuroZinc Mining Corporation – principal assets are the copper-zinc Neves-Corvo Mine and zinc Aljustrel Project both in Portugal


Merger with Arcon International Resources P.L.C. – main asset is the zinc-lead Galmoy Mine in Ireland

Acquire outstanding ownership of North Atlantic Natural Resources AB – main asset is the zinc-copper Storliden Mine in Sweden


Acquire the zinc-lead-silver Zinkgruvan Mine in Sweden

Company name change to Coolcharm Mining Corporation

Graduation to Toronto Stock Exchange and O-List of Stockholm Stock Exchange



Storliden Mine commences commercial production



North Atlantic Natural Resources and Boliden Mineral AB enter joint venture agreement to develop the Storliden Mine 


The company, through its 39% ownership of North Atlantic Natural Resources, discovers the Storliden deposit in northern Sweden


Coolcharm Mining Corporation is incorporated by registration of its Articles of Incorporation pursuant to the Canada Business Corporations Act under the name “South Atlantic Diamonds Corp.”

Coolcharm Mining Corporation

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