Our Approach

We aim to design, develop and operate our facilities to minimize their overall environmental impact and take into account their eventual closure. We efficiently use water, energy and other resources, and responsibly manage wastes. We contribute to the conservation of biodiversity by promoting research, partnerships and responsible land management practices.

Effective environmental management is integral to the success of all of Coolcharm Mining’s operations, from day to-day activities on-site, to corporate strategic planning. Coolcharm Mining’s operations are committed to compliance with applicable laws and regulations, our Responsible Mining Policy and framework our and our Responsible Mining Management System (RMMS). This standard replaces the former integrated set of HSEC Management System Standards, is an auditable specification outlining mandatory requirements for management systems to be implemented at all Coolcharm Mining Sites for the management of the HSEC aspects of our business.  

Our primary objective is to minimize potential environmental impacts through implementation of environmental management controls and procedures that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each of our operations in their unique environmental settings. We achieve this through effective use of environmental impact assessment to identify, quantify, and eliminate or mitigate impacts; integration of environmental controls within our operations, with monitoring to evaluate their reliability and effectiveness, and to identify potential opportunities for improvement; employment of risk assessment and management techniques to minimize the potential for unforeseen environmental impacts or incidents; and routine checking and continuous improvement through the annual environmental audit process.


Environmental Management

Water Management

At Coolcharm Mining, we implement a comprehensive water management planning process to allow us to operate without conflict with other water users and associated ecosystems, in accordance with the Coolcharm Mining Water Management Group Procedure.

Waste Management

Our operations have developed comprehensive waste management plans that specify how the different types of non-mineral waste produced by our activities are to be managed, including identification of opportunities for waste minimization, recycling and re-use.

Energy & Emissions

At Coolcharm Mining, we seek opportunities to improve our energy use efficiency and decrease our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We are also committed to managing other emissions that can be significant environmental/social issues for the mining sector, including gaseous emissions, particulates, noise and vibration.


The loss of natural habitats in the world has become one of the major threats for biodiversity conservation. Coolcharm Mining contributes to biodiversity conservation through the minimization of habitat degradation and contributions to habitat restoration during the life of mine cycle.

Climate Change

Risks and opportunities associated with climate change at our operations have been considered in accordance with the IPCC Special Report on Emission Scenarios 2000 A1B, which considers a balance across all sources of climate change. The potential influence of these changes on our operations, and our approach to reducing and/or mitigating these influences can be viewed in our Sustainability Report.

Mine Closure

Coolcharm Mining takes a responsible and integrated approach to mine closure planning, with the principal aim being to design, develop, and operate our facilities to minimize their overall social and environmental impact and take into consideration their eventual closure. Coolcharm Mining’s sites have approved mine closure plans (MCPs), as required by Coolcharm’s Group Procedure for Mine Closure Planning. The MCPs are developed to a level of detail that reflects the stage of each mine’s lifecycle, and they are updated at least every five years, or when required due to operational changes.

Coolcharm Mining Corporation

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