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    Coolcharmgold holds a portfolio of projects in gold mining ranging from early Gold exploration to production and having Its gold mining farms located in the heart of the world’s most sought out mining districts. Coolcharmgold started life as an exploration company in 2003.

    Coolcharmgold have been able to successfully transitioned from gold explorer to gold producer,.We are proud to celebrate our partnership and Investment deals with our Investors who are well established and committed to responsible and sustainable mineral exploration and adhere to a corporate sustainability policies which include community relations, environmental responsibility and labour relations.

    Coolcharmgold mining focuses on operating Tier One mining assets:

    • Able to produce more than 500,000 ounces of gold per year.
    • Unlimited years of gold Production
    • Operational at low cost, as defined by total cash costs per ounce.
    • Advancing the Manitoba Gold Project - one of few gold development projects that can produce 300,000+ ounces per year in a Tier One jurisdiction
    • Significant and growing royalty portfolio presents longer-term upside value
    • Active partner-driven project portfolio providing further upside and catalysts

    By focusing on operating large mines with significant resources, Coolcharmgold is likely able to produce gold at a relatively steady pace for years. The company expects the average annual gold output of its mines through 2030 will be about Four million ounces. Coolcharmgold will continue to rise even if gold prices decline modestly.

    Coolcharmgold complements its top-tier gold mining portfolio with a strong balance sheet. By focusing on paying down debt over the past several years, which has increased the Investors returns tremedously over the years and have enabled Coolcharmgold to pay a growing profit returns.

    We are keen to make investing with us easy and enjoyable for our Investors. you’ll find the prospects to create and make an active Investment with us at Coolcharmgold.

    Contact Bazyli Armandek - Portfolio/Investment Manager for Investment Enquiries.
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